Between the city of Ostend and the borough of Zandvoorde lies a varied landscape with meadows, ditches and fields: the historic polders of De Keignaert.


In order to make the natural beauty accessible to the general public, a footpath runs along the built-up side of the Grote Keignaertkreek and a seven-metre high viewing tower has been erected from which the entire area can be permanently overlooked. In this tower there are also information panels, which help the novice birdwatcher along the way. In this way, everyone can enjoy the area, without nature noticing.

The area itself is only accessible under supervision of a nature guide.

Animals and plants

Threatened meadow birds such as black-tailed godwit, redshank and skylark returned here after recovery management and typical reed and marsh birds such as lesser reed warbler, reed bunting and bluethroat found a safe breeding ground again. Also avocet, little plover, shore martin and common bittern - an extremely rare species of heron - made their comeback. In winter more and more widgeons, coal geese and small reed geese stay in the eastern creek area. In addition to goosander, gadwall and table duck, the marsh harrier and the short-eared owl are also regular winter visitors. Pools and ditches are now an excellent habitat for frogs, dragonflies and damselflies. Typical plants, such as the White-tailed White-Flower and the salt-loving sea aster, also feel at home in the area.