Annual pitches

Welcome to the idyllic campsite offering its exclusive annual pitches for rent, an oasis of tranquillity amid lush nature. This special campsite has a carefully designed residential area where camping enthusiasts have the chance to create a permanent retreat in harmony with nature.

Annual pitches stretch along well-maintained paths, lined by flowering trees and colourful shrubs. Each plot is spacious and offers ample privacy, allowing residents to retreat into their own green oasis. Some pitches overlook a picturesque lake, while others hide among the trees, giving each annual plot a unique character.

The infrastructure of the annual pitches is fully equipped with modern amenities. Electricity, water, drainage and Wi-Fi are available at each site, giving residents the freedom to build their own customised holiday accommodation. Be it cosy mobile homes, atmospheric chalets the options are diverse.

The community atmosphere flourishes at the campsite, where residents greet each other with friendly smiles and friendships develop around the lake. The campsite management ensures that the surroundings are well maintained and that the rules contribute to a peaceful coexistence between residents.

The annual pitches for rent at this campsite promise a unique opportunity for those who dream of living in the midst of nature, with all the comforts of a well-equipped campsite. It is not just a property purchase, but rather an investment in a lifestyle of tranquillity, fun and connection with nature.

Want to outsource the entire process? We take care of it for you, from purchase to financing and installation. Enthusiastic but still looking for a caravan or chalet? Take a look at our offer.

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