De Haan

Located on the Belgian coast, De Haan is a charming seaside resort attractive to tourists for several reasons.

Architectural beauty

De Haan is known for its picturesque architecture. The Belle Époque-style buildings add to the romantic atmosphere of the town. It is lovely to stroll through the streets and admire the unique houses.

Beach and dunes

Like many other seaside resorts on the Belgian coast, De Haan offers kilometres of beautiful beaches and dunes. The beach is ideal for relaxation, walks along the coast and various recreational activities.

Quiet atmosphere

Compared to some busier seaside resorts, De Haan has a more relaxed and calm atmosphere. It is an ideal destination for those who want to escape the crowds and are looking for a peaceful environment.

Concession area

The centre of De Haan is known as the Concession Area, awarded for its green surroundings and beautiful villas. It is a pleasant place to walk, with lots of greenery and parks.

Tram to Blankenberge and Ostend

The coastal tram provides easy access to nearby towns such as Blankenberge and Ostend. This makes De Haan a convenient base for exploring other parts of the coast.


De Haan and the surrounding region are cycle-friendly, with well-constructed cycle paths running through the dunes and along the coast. It's a great way to explore the area.

Nature reserve 't Zwin

A short distance from De Haan is the nature reserve 't Zwin, a beautiful area of dunes, mud flats, salt marshes and bird-rich polders. Nature lovers will enjoy the diverse flora and fauna in this reserve.

In short, De Haan offers a combination of architectural splendour, natural beauty, tranquillity and access to nearby attractions, making it an attractive tourist destination for those looking for a relaxing and picturesque environment.