Discover our 6 Fantastic Playgrounds - A Paradise for Adventure and Fun!

At our campsite, fun is guaranteed, and we are proud to offer no fewer than 6 playgrounds, each designed to stimulate children's imaginations and provide a safe environment for unlimited adventure. Here's a look at what you can expect: 


A heaven for swing lovers. It is the perfect place to feel the wind through their hair while rocking high in the air.

Cable car

For the daredevils, we have a cable car. Kids can grab onto the rubber seat with rope that offers both excitement and a sense of freedom.

Climbing tower

This impressive climbing tower stands high above the playground and offers several challenging routes to the top. 

At our campsite, we believe in diversity and inclusiveness, and each playground is designed to accommodate a wide range of activities and play styles. From swinging in the air to scrambling to new heights, each playground is a world unto itself, ready to bring youthful imaginations to life. Welcome to our play paradise!