Roksem pit

The Roksemput can be found in the municipality of Oudenburg in West Flanders. Sand extraction was done here a long time ago and this has created a large well which has now become the Roksemput. The Roksemput is almost 1km long and over 350 meters wide. The depths of the water go up to 9 meters and there is clear water with no current. The soil is sandy with little vegetation.

What does the Roksemput have to offer?

- Paradise for ducks
- Reception Gate The Big Sawbill
- Accessible for disabled persons and prams
- Observation cabins

Carp fishing on the Roksemput.

Carp fishing is definitely done. According to local carp anglers there are specimens on the water of more than 20 kilograms.

Please always use a good unhooking mat out of respect for the carp !

Address de Roksemput.

Brugseweg 239

8460 Oudenburg