Masko forest

The Maskobos behind the new cemetery of Jabbeke forms an offshoot of the large Vloethemveld area.

During the 18th century these areas were reclaimed and straight beech avenues were laid out in them. The treetops consist mainly of old summer oaks, birches and beeches. Underneath you will find sweet chestnut, American oak, Rowan and sports wood in the shrub floor. In the herb layer it is mainly the blackberry that has the upper hand, but also the porcupines and the rare double foliage are common. Honeysuckle, fake sage and pipe straw can be found on the dry edges of the forest. Elder, willow, alder and meadowsweet are more common on the wet forest edges. In addition to the general bird species, the following species can be observed: woodcock, blackcap, garden warbler, green and great spotted woodpecker, goldcrest, tree pipit and tree creeper, kestrel, buzzard and sparrowhawk.

In the 11 hectares of forest Natuurpunt Jabbeke inventoried about 60 mushrooms.

Cyclists can indulge themselves as part of the junction network and mountain bikers as part of the Forest Route'.



Aartrijksesteenweg 91

8490 Jabbeke