Flyboarding is a water sport where two powerful jets of water generated by a water scooter allow the athlete to move high above (or below) the water.

The water sportsman stands on a batten (flyboard) on which two short nozzles are mounted at the bottom and which is connected to the water scooter via a long water hose.


The operation is basically that of a kind of snowboard / wakeboard that is propelled upwards by means of a jet of water. This water jet is driven by a jet ski that is used as a water pump.

The power of a jet ski makes it easy for an adult person to fly 15 meters high.

Flyboarding is a unique experience suitable for young and old. Fun to do, fun to watch.

Guaranteed success from the very first experience.


  Individual price (less than 8 persons) Group rate (from 8 persons)
± 5-10min. explanation + 20min. flyboarding € 70 € 60
± 30min. flyboarding (with explanation)  € 100 € 90

Price includes all necessary equipment


Especially for the little ones or even the adults who don't want to/can't flyboard themselves, you can choose to go along with one of our monitors.

The price is 20 euro for 5 min. fly fun.
You can book directly at the Flyboard reception.

Let's Fly

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