Next to the big swimming pond you will find a small fishing pond where you can throw out a line in all peace and quiet. Try your luck and catch bream, carp and eel. Or is it more about skill than luck?

Licence 6.00 to 22.00:

Day permit max 2 rods €10
Weekly permit max 2 rods €30
Annual licence max 2 rods €80
Annual permit for campers max 2 rods €50

From 14 years of age
Per additional rod = 10 €

General rules and regulations

  1. Angling in the pond is allowed subject to purchase of a valid angling licence, valid from 1 January to 31 December available at the pond or at reception. 
  2. An angling licence is personal!!! Invited angler = € 7. Guests sleeping in your fishing tent pay € 5/night. Day visitors pay the applicable day price of the Recreatiepark. Everything is under your own responsibility.
  3. Other users of the lake must be taken into account at all times. Mutual respect can prevent many problems.
  4. Angling is allowed with 2 rods or several, depending on your fishing licence, with 1 hook. Sniggling is not allowed.
  5. The angler must be able to watch the rod at all times
  6. Spots cannot be appropriated or reserved. The space per angler is limited to 10 metres along the bank of the pond.
  7. The use of toxic substances is prohibited, e.g. bait to stun or kill fish.
  8. Obligatory use of a landing net for the caught fish.
  9. An unhooking mat is obligatory for carp anglers, as well as disinfectant to look after injuries, e.g. Klinik, isobetadine,…
  10. The use of rowing boats and bait boats is strictly prohibited.
  11. The use of keep nets and/or keep sacks is only permitted during planned competitions.
  12. All caught fish must immediately and carefully be thrown back and treated with respect.
  13. Fishing on the beach is prohibited. Special provisions apply to the area from the beach (Chinese restaurant) to the bridge between the small and big pond. Angling is only allowed here between sunrise and sunset. No tents whatsoever are allowed here and anglers are explicitly asked not to make too much noise or cause any other disruption. Fishing is prohibited from the stand (de Piraat) to past the dock of the water skiers, from 1 April to 30 September.
  14. In case of a competition, angling is not allowed in the pond in question from 6.00 in the morning to 1 hour after the competition. The dates of the competitions can be checked here.
  15. Licences and used equipment can be checked at all times.
  16. The 1st violation results in a 3 month fishing ban, the 2nd will result in a revoking of the licence.
  17. Camping is only allowed subject to approval of “Reception”.

All complaints will be taken "seriously". We hope we can count on your understanding. 

The regulations can be amended at all times and the people in charge cannot be held liable for accidents. Respect the banks and plants. Keep the fishing spots clean.